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Integrated Facilities Management Services

Integrated Facility Management Services

The ability to create an integrated services package is one of the core advantages customers receive when working with Caravan. By freeing up management resources, time, and capital, your company has more time to do what it does best. Let us be the single point of contact for all of your facility management needs.

Integrated Facility Management Services

The concept of bundling services is that of elimination of waste. This comes in a variety of areas that include time, money, and resources. At Caravan, our focus is on the services to allow the customer to focus on their core business. You handle your core business, we'll handle the rest.

  • Pool Car Program Management
  • Pest/Animal Control: Application & Management
  • Uniforms & Matting Process Management
  • Window Cleaning: Interior/Exterior
  • Event/Holiday Planning
  • Crowd Requirements and Systems
  • Help Desk Services Management
  • Bottled Water Program Management
  • Copier/Printer Services Management
  • Document Destruction Process Management
  • Paper Products and Supplies
  • Mail Room Services


  • Accountable and Consolidated Reporting Structure
  • Leveraged Purchasing
  • Common Process
  • Improved Flexibility
  • KPI Synergy
  • Avoid Overlapping in Union Agreements
  • Fewer Contracts to Manage
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Reduce Cost of Invoice Processing
  • Cohesion of Staff
  • Best Practices Development