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Industrial Facilities

Managing an entire industrial management staff can be a daunting task. Spending the time and capital to find, train, and retain those individuals can be even more challenging. At Caravan, we take the guesswork out of managing your industrial facilities, giving your company more time to handle its day to day business. We have the flexibility to provide maintenance, care, as well as qualified staffing to any job site or warehouse.

Industrial Facilities Services

Caravan has the ability to do any and all Industrial service projects your facility requires, from deep cleaning projects to small machine cleaning. We have the resources to perform high pressure blasting, CO2 dry ice, van truck, and sludge removal.

We'll handle:

  • Total Facility industrial services support
  • Total support for paint shops
  • Emergency spill response and Cleaning up
  • Waste Hauling
  • Approved waste dump site
  • 10K, 20K, and 40K Blasting
  • CO2 Dry Ice Blasting
  • Vac Truck
  • Deep Cleaning programs
  • Sludge Removal

Site Specifics

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Transportation Terminals
  • Distribution Centers
  • Aerospace
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Paper Mills
  • Oil Refineries
  • Defense
  • Logistics