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Healthcare Facility Services

Life Science Facilities

Facilities Management is a crucial part of the Healthcare industry. Above all, a clean and safe environment is necessary to conduct day to day tasks and ensure your physicians and technicians are able to achieve their greatest potential.

Life Science Facilities Services

Caravan initially performs a complete facility assessment. Our findings will detail immediate safety concerns, required upgrades, and plan future projects to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your patients.

We handle:

  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance, & Snow Removal
  • Building Envelope Maintenance & Construction Project Management
  • Clinical Equipment Management
  • Valet/Parking Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Consulting services: (JCAHO preps, EOC compliance, Life Safety Codes, Audits, Green Technology, etc)
  • Patient Interactive Systems
  • Patient Dining/Nutrition Services
  • Visitor/Staff Dining
  • Vending
  • Patient Transport Services/Response Center


  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Improve response time and follow up
  • Improve energy asset efficiency
  • Maximize staff productivity
  • Improve revenue streams
  • Raise patient and staff satisfaction scores
  • Guarantee service outcomes and budgets