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Paint Shop Facility Services

Paint Shops

Caravan has a history of working with Paint Shop facilities. We understand that the quality of a paint process is directly related to the cleanliness of the total shop.

Our Total Paint Shop maintenance program is designed for maintaining and cleaning the entire Paint Shop.

Paint Shop Facilities Services

Our goal is to focus on the Total Cleanliness of the Paint Shop which includes maintenance of all systems, regular and periodic cleaning and deep cleaning activities. Our paint programs allow us to maintain a production ready Paint Shop with the highest cleaning standards. This mitigates our customer's paint defects, allowing them to focus on producing quality vehicles.


  • Total Paint Shop Maintenance Program
  • Total Cleaning Processes
  • Total Facility Deep Cleaning Processes
  • Total Equipment Programs
  • Grate Coating Programs


  • CO2 Blasting
  • Sludge and Vac Truck Services
  • Ash House Maintenance
  • Booth Balancing
  • Oven Maintenance and Deep Cleaning

Site Specifics

  • Supplying Personnel
  • Dirt Analysis or Support
  • Phosphate and E-Coat Systems